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Vishni Art Advisors & Consultants Ltd (VAA&C)

Vishni Art Advisors & Consultants Ltd (VAA&C)

Regardless of whether you’re a buyer or seller, you will find our services useful; will provide the opinions of an experienced consultant, allowing you to navigate the complex art market. We know the Indian contemporary art scene well. You might also find our innovative approach to consulting valuable as we take in to account the current and future economic climate and Indian economic climates and currency fluctuations and their impact on the contemporary Indian art market. (The Rupee has hit consecutive all-time lows against the Dollar recently and that will have affected the dollar value of art works. For example, an art work priced at Rs. 5 lacs/half-a-million would have cost US$7,692 if the INR was trading at 65 to the US$. However, that art work would have dropped to $7,142 once the INR broke 70.) 

We adopt a flexible and dynamic approach to advising and consulting: our advisory work is completed by freelance advisers who know about the artist in whom you are interested. It is of paramount importance that our clients receive the right consultant (who we would interview prior to commissioning and who we would sign a contract with before appointing them). In fact, if we cannot place a suitable freelance consultant on your commission, we simply will not accept the project.

Apart from their knowledge, our criteria for commissioning freelance consultants is that they, like us, do not have any compensatory affiliations with galleries, artists and auction houses while they work on your commission. Further, our contracts with our freelance consultants legally oblige them to prepare their reports in the strictest confidence. The prepared reports are drafted exclusively for our clients, in the strictest of confidence. 

Once reports are prepared by our consultants, we scrutinise the findings thoroughly, before providing them to clients, ensure that they are accurate and complete.

We charge a flat fee of US$1,000 ($500 of which is paid upon signing our consultancy agreement, and the remainder upon receipt of your report) for reports, regardless of the price of the artwork you’re interested in purchasing/selling.

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